Signs of a Believer

As a Christ believer, there are things we are supposed to accomplish for the furtherment of God’s kingdom. We cannot be given such a gift as salvation plus eternity with Him and think that’s it; assuming we have nothing else to do. As Christians, there are traits we are to possess that show who we are in Christ. Now, if a believer does not possess these specific traits then they need to reassess their fullness in Christ through His Holy Spirit, remembering that sin hinders God working in us. When we are first given the gift of salvation, God blesses us with the ultimate comforter, His Holy Spirit John 14:16. At that time, we are filled with the Spirit, but that does not mean we are full. It takes work and effort to be full of the Spirit. To remain full of God’s Spirit we must pray and read God’s word daily, because that develops an intimate understanding as well as the relationship with Him. We also must fast, because sacrifice is important in our walk with Christ. As we develop, we take on the personality and demeanor of the Holy Spirit Galatians 5:22-23. This is important when we go out into all the world and win souls to Christ. It is also important, because it shows how sincere we allow God’s Spirit to flow within us.

Here are 5 complete signs of the Believer: Mark 16:17-18. First, in the name of Jesus, they will cast out devils. This means that everyone who professes to be a son of God should be able, at some point, to cast out devils in Jesus’ name. Second, they shall speak with new tongues. Understand that language evolves as one matures in the Spirit and this is referencing a heavenly tongue like in Acts 2:4, and not the gift of speaking in other tongues. Third, they shall take up serpents. This means exactly what it says Luke 10:19, and Paul even fulfilled this promise that Jesus made Acts 28:5-6. Fourth, if they drink any deadly thing it shall not harm them. Understand that this scripture is not saying to drink poison to prove a point, but if one accidentally drinks it, or if they are forced to drink poison they will not be hurt by it. Fifth, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Many of the apostles healed people and just because they were at a different time does not mean the same Spirit within them is not within us now, so we should be able to do this also. Now, don’t be discouraged if as a believer these signs have not manifested yet because they will. Just continue to seek God in the fullness of His Spirit and it will happen. God Bless!

By: Brittaney Clemmons